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Personal Exhibition
"Look from the inside"

Homestead of Jašiūnai manor
J. Sniadeckio str. 2, Jašiūnai, 17249 Šalčininkų r.

2022, May-June

The Culture Center of Šalčininkai District Municipality invites you to an enchanting exhibition by one of the most prominent folk artists, Laimutė Fedosejeva paper cuttings and Regina Mataitienė ceramic works. Exhibition will be open in the office of Jašiūnai manor from 19th of May until 19th of June, 2022.
Laimutė Fedosejeva (Benešiūnaitė) is a recognized master of paper cutting, folk artist, actively preserving and showing art of paper cutting. The exhibition presents works created in different years, united by a reflection on the connections between today and yesterday. As usual for the author, there are many Trees of Life in the exhibition. The Tree of Life symbolizes the world, the universe, man, the nation perception of being... It is an endless change and a constant desire for life.

Exhibition organizer: Šalčininkai district municipality cultural center
Sponsor: Šalčininkai district municipality

Photos of Jašiūnai manor homesteads