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(born on 30th of November in 1962 in Raseiniai) Lives in Grigiskes. Has a workshop-gallery in J.Basanaviciaus Street 29 in Vilnius. Lawyer. Member of Lithuanian Folk Art Union (ULFA) since 1991. Held personal exhibitions in Grigiskes (1994) and Vilinius (1998). Works were exhibited in zonal, republican exhibitions and international events. Creative works are represented in the album ‘World paper cuttings’ (1995) and published in the magazines about handcrafts. Took part in creative camp of primitive graphics in 2002. Artists tried to carve linden and make prints so cold ‘Samogitian iconics’ according to the old techniques. Works from the creative camp are exhibited in J.Basanaviciaus Str 29.


I was always surrounded by folk art- my grandfather was a carpenter and my grandmother was a weaver. I had been carving since I was a child but later living conditions made me to look for not so messy sort of art.

Once on the way to work I have found little scissors on the ground. It was the beginning. I have been making paper cuttings already for fifteen years.

At the very beginning I cut post cards- flowers, ornaments and little miniatures but it did not satisfied me. I wanted to speak with my works and I wanted they speak with me. It happened so. Songs, tales, proverbs and sayings… If you have ever touched folk wisdom, you can sing, tell stories and quip looking at my paper cuts.

At first I was criticised because my works were too far from primitive Lithuanian ornaments and influenced by other countries’ paper cuts. You cannot mix up my works with any German, Finn or Pole paper cuts. Maybe we have the same mind concentration, limited expression but symmetry, ornaments and plots are very Lithuanian. By the way, today a lot of paper cutters create this way because paper cuttings develop as a separate kind of graphics.

Lets cut!

Tales of Hunter,
1998, 43x67

What a fish!
1998, 43x67

Tale of tales,
2003, 37x90

Pukis, his friends and enemies,
1998, 41x74

Jurate and Kastytis,
2002, 40x60

Near the road,
2001, 38x65

1995, 26x38

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